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How to report an excused absence

How to report an excused absence

To report and excused absence, call the attendance line at 530-872-6465 and select extension 1.  A valid absence must be reported within 3 days in order to be excused.
Excused Absences

Excused Absences

A student's absence shall be excused for any of the following reasons:
1. Personal illness (Education Code 48205)
2. Quarantine under the direction of a county or city health officer (Education Code 48205)
(cf. 5112.2 - Exclusions from Attendance)
3. Medical, dental, optometrical, or chiropractic appointment (Education Code 48205)
4. Attendance at funeral services for a member of the immediate family, which shall be limited to one day if the
service is conducted in California or three days if the service is conducted out of state (Education Code 48205)
Immediate family shall be defined as mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, spouse, son/son-in-law, daughter/daughter-in-law, brother, sister, or any relative living in the student's immediate household. (Education
Code 45194, 48205)
5. Jury duty in the manner provided by law (Education Code 48205)
6. The illness or medical appointment of a child to whom the student is the custodial parent (Education Code 48205)
(cf. 5146 - Married/Pregnant/Parenting Students)
7. Upon advance written request by the parent/guardian and the approval of the principal or designee, justifiable
personal reasons including, but not limited to: (Education Code 48205)
a. Appearance in court
b. Attendance at a funeral service
c. Observation of a holiday or ceremony of his/her religion
d. Attendance at religious retreats for no more than four hours per semester
e. Attendance at an employment conference
f. Attendance at an educational conference offered by a nonprofit organization on the legislative or judicial process
8. Service as a member of a precinct board for an election pursuant to Elections Code 12302 (Education Code
(cf. 6142.3 - Civic Education)
9. To spend time with an immediate family member who is an active duty member of the uniformed services, as
defined in Education Code 49701, and has been called to duty for deployment to a combat zone or a combat support
position or is on leave from or has immediately returned from such deployment (Education Code 48205)
(cf. 6173.2 - Education of Children of Military Families)
10. To attend his/her naturalization ceremony to become a United States citizen. (Education Code 48205)
11. Participation in religious exercises or to receive moral and religious instruction in accordance with district policy, subject to the following conditions: (Education Code 46014)
a. The student's parent/guardian shall provide written consent for the absence. b. The student shall attend at least the minimum school day.
c. The student shall be excused from school for this purpose on no more than four days per school month.
Board Policy Manual Paradise Unified School District
(cf. 6141.2 - Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs)
Chronic Absence and Truancy

Chronic Absence and Truancy

Chronic absentee means a student who is absent for any reason on 10 percent or more of the school days in the
school year, when the total number of days the student is absent is divided by the total number of days the student is
enrolled and school was actually taught in the regular schools of the district, exclusive of Saturdays and Sundays.
(Education Code 60901)

Truant means a student who is absent from school without a valid excuse three full days in one school year, or tardy
or absent for more than any 30-minute period during the school day without a valid excuse on three occasions in one
school year, or any combination thereof. (Education Code 48260)
Habitual truant means a student who has been reported as a truant three or more times within the same school year, provided the district has made a conscientious effort to hold at least one conference with the student and his/her
parent/guardian. (Education Code 48262, 48264.5)

Chronic truant means a student who has been absent from school without a valid excuse for 10 percent or more of
the school days in one school year, from the date of enrollment to the current date, provided the district has met the
requirements of Education Code 48260-48263 and 48291. (Education Code 48263.6)

For purposes of classifying a student as a truant, valid excuse includes, but is not limited to, the reasons for which a
student shall be excused from school pursuant to Education Code 48205 and 48225.5. A valid excuse also may
include other reasons that are within the discretion of school administrators and, based on the facts of the student's
circumstances, are deemed to constitute a valid excuse. (Education Code 48260)